About Us


The company BLUE CLEANERS PTY LTD is a wholly owned Australian company.

Our company has experienced over 10 years in the commercial cleaning industry, having been employed by major cleaning companies in the past and realizing the need to tailor more personal services to clients whilst ensuring the quality is maintained.

We take pride in assuring our commitment to you, the client is of paramount importance ensuring quality and cost effective planning for your site

Our company values are unique – we strive to maintain excellent relationships with our clients by providing honesty, service and quality.

We would like to draw your attention that there are benefits from dealing with a medium sized Cleaning Company such as BLUE CLEANERS PTY LTD., with no major daily overheads similar to Larger Companies, we are able to keep the labor cost to a minimum in accordance to the current CPI rate.
We are able to supply our clients with all consumables, paper products, equipment etc. at national pricing due to the buying volume.
Our Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Policy is based on the belief that all people employed or contracted at work or people affected by our work, have been given paramount consideration. All materials used on your premises are in accordance with OHS Standards are supplied with a chemical MSD & PDS' specification data sheet

  • To achieve a safe work environment
  • To comply with all aspects of OH&S procedure and codes
  • To ensure our employees can make decision in emergency & ensure others safety
  • To ensure that all hazards are identified and reported to management
  • Ensure continuous communication with management and clients

All staff engaged by BLUE CLEANERS PTY LTD shall undertake security checks before being selected to engage in our company. In addition all staff will speak fluent with good communication skills and shall be attired in uniform.

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